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Dodd Engineering offers a wide range of bespoke systems for materials handling, from individual lightweight ‘operator assistors’ to fully integrated precision conveying and automated handling systems. Typically, these cover many industries, including solutions for the automotive, aerospace and heavy engineering sectors.

With its own in house design office offering 2 & 3D Cad facilities complete with FEA and simulation software plus fully qualified and experienced project managers, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a complete engineering solution, tailored precisely to our customer's needs.

Conveyor Systems

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3D Design & Development

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Cranes & Gantries

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Structural Engineering

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Lifting & Handling


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Dodd Engineering (North West) Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of bespoke, precision made handling equipment. We provide manufacturers with handling systems that both increase workflow capacity and also reduce costs by automating many labour intensive production line tasks that previously required a large workforce. By streamlining all aspects of the assembly and delivery process our customers see significant return on their investment, usually within a short period of time.

We have provided Handling Solutions for Bentley and Vauxhall Cars

Situated in Skelmersdale in Lancashire, just off the M58 in the North West of England, we are ideally placed to serve the UK, and we are in easy reach of  international shipping and airports to accommodate our global customer base. We have provided handling systems for some prestigious clients such as Bentley, Vauxhall and historically British. With over 25 years of specialist handling knowledge we are the ideal partner for your company when it comes to improving your production and inter-department logistics.

The areas of business we cater for include:

Conveyor systems

We can design and install conveyor systems, including space saving overhead conveyors, for materials of and size and weight including heavy machinery and bulky parts. Read More.

3D Design and Development

Our experienced 3D Design and Development department can create a bespoke system that integrates seamlessly with your existing machinery, saving you both time and money in having off the shelf systems modified and creating an altogether better solution for your individual needs. More on 3D Design and Development.


We can design and install overhead cranes, monorails and winches that will give years of trouble free, efficient service. Our extensive design and testing systems prior to installation ensure that your crane is up and running in the fastest possible time, keeping downtime on the shop floor to a bare minimum while fitting and in the future. More about Cranes.


If you have a larger facility then we can design and install an overhead Gantry to assist in the lifting and movement of larger or more sensitive items, helping you create a more efficient facility that needs less manpower to run it. As ever with Dodd, the quality of our design and manufacture processes plus the ongoing maintenance and support we can provide means that your plant will benefit from improved efficiency and reduced breakdowns for many years. More on Gantries.

Production Line and Assembly Line Systems

Dodd can help you reduce costs and increase output and quality with our production line and assembly line equipment modification and refitting service that will eliminate even the most minute deficiencies in your systems making them run at the optimum level of performance. More about Production Lines and Assembly Lines.

Structural Engineering

We can assist in the design and installation of the correct heavy load bearing support structure for your individual needs. Our wealth of experience in structural engineering has benefitted companies like Bentley and Leyland Trucks in having the safest, most efficiently produced structures for a range of lifting and handling requirements. More on structural engineering.

Lifting Equipment

We can produce lifting equipment tailor made for your particular environment and needs – whether it’s simply moving items from one are to another or if a more complex twisting or turning motion is required at sticky points of your production, we can improve your production line’s efficiency regardless of the size or complexity of the items you are producing. More about Lifting Equipment.


Working closely with industry leading company MovoMech, we can install highly efficient bespoke handling equipment, including overhead rails and robotic arms, that will smooth out difficult areas of the production and moving cycles and create a safer environment at the same time. More about Handling Solutions

If you require assistance in any or all of the above areas of manufacture then please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We will work with you on all aspects of the work in hand and we hope to become invaluable to your operation for many years to come.

To learn more about our services please call on

Companies we are proud to have worked with:
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